Agricultural Information System by IHI

Features in Glance

Satellite RS and analysing data which is useful for understanding crop in term of crop stage, soil moisture, and etc. are providing through FieldTouch.
Historical vegetation growth is displayed as growth stage calendar, so that farmers can monitor growth state of their crops and make a precise plan for fertilization and machinery management.
Current version of FieldTouch
Characteristics of farm land (vegetation stage, fertilization of crop)  are analysed from satellite images.
These useful data is providing in the coverage of 4,800 for almost all upland fields in Tokachi, Hokkaido.
UAV images with very high resolution are analyzed for detail topography of farmland
Real-time weather and soil condition are providing to farmers in realtime
  • Air temperature
  • Soil temperature and moisture
  • Rainfall
  • Solar Radiation
How weather data is important to farm
  • Air/soil temperature monitoring >> Judgment on the seeding and settled planting of crops
  • Pinpoint rainfall forecast >> Judgment on whether pest and disease control is advisable
  • Rainfall/soil moisture monitoring >> Judgment on whether the work is advisable and on field suitability
  • Effective accumulative temperature in each area >> Judgment on the right time and order for harvesting
Current Version
More than 40 weather stations had been set up covering Obihiro city, so that detail weather data are providing to farmer in near real time
User friendly forms of agro booklet are provided for keeping all of farm activities and the recored data is linked to good agriculture practice report.
Growth record
  • Photos showing growth progress
  • Results of sample surveys
Work record
  • Date and details of farm activities
  • Manure/agrichemical application history
Harvest and shipping record
  • Yield of each field
  • Shipping schedule and results
Crop growth, farm activities and harvest record is shared among farmers, manufacturers and food chain company in real time.
The data can be used as a selling point of agricultural produce to improve its marketability as well as proof of safe food and good quality product.
All stakeholders can communicate with each other through FieldTouch SNS.
It can be a tool for information provision and opinion exchanges, helping with the production and procurement of agricultural produce.
Agricultural information categories
  • Crop Situation
  • Weather
  • Disease and insect damage
  • Cultivation technology
  • Market
  • Consumers’ voices
The harvest period with expected yield are provided to farmers. So that, farmer will have good decision support information for their plan on land preparation, sawing and harvesting.
Regarding to crop growth stage, we are providing growth stage map for farmer. The map can be exported and input to machinery which is called as GPS automatically controlled fertilization system
It enables
  • Simple controlled fertilization based on positional information and vegetation/soil analysis information.
  • The realization of work corresponding to soil/growth unevenness
  • Support for agricultural energy saving and resource saving as well as the improvement of agricultural produce yields
  • Setting and mapping of application rates based on vegetation analysis through remote sensing
  • Realization of controlled fertilization by a GPS-equipped agricultural machine based on the fertilization map